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A Tasting Menu that Will Blow Your Mind

Rarely do we start a review with such unwavering enthusiasm, but let us be clear: Omakaseed is a must-visit. Located in the heart of NoMad, just steps away from the renowned Virgin Hotel, this restaurant has earned a well-deserved reputation for excellence. Led by a respected and highly skilled sushi chef, the kitchen creates vegan sushi that is truly unmatched. Yet, Omakaseed's greatness extends far beyond its culinary expertise; its captivating ambiance creates an enchanting atmosphere, immersing diners in an unparalleled dining experience.

While the sixty-minute tasting menu has become the talk of the town, Omakaseed has ingeniously designed a space where guests can savor the afterglow of their extraordinary journey. Imagine this: after indulging in a magnificent culinary adventure, one can seamlessly transition to the vibrant adjoining seating area for handcrafted drinks. Engaging conversations with newfound companions fill the air, creating a convivial and captivating atmosphere. This concept is brilliant in its ability to prolong the enchantment, allowing guests to extend their evening of pure delight.

Omakaseed’s tasting menu demonstrated sushi mastery. Many establishments falsely present mundane combinations as sushi, carelessly placing eggplant on unseasoned rice. But fear not, as Omakaseed's visionary chef defies convention at every turn. Each meticulously crafted dish at Omakaseed embodies a delicate approach, striking the perfect balance of seasoning, flavors, and textures, elevating the dining experience to unprecedented heights. It was a sensory journey like no other. We had the privilege of sampling upcoming additions to the menu alongside their time-honored classics. To say we savored every moment would be an understatement.

During the tasting experience, we were captivated by the exceptional creation of the Smoked Eggplant Nigiri where the chef skillfully seared marinated jackfruit, revealing its enticing smoky essence. We were truly astounded by the innovative creation of zucchini tempura, a dish that boldly pushed the boundaries of traditional flavors. One of the standout dishes from their standard menu was the Enoki Mushroom Salad, a refreshing sunomono-style creation that pleasantly surprised us with the invigorating zest of yuzu, accompanied by crisp cucumber and seaweed. The Cauliflower Puree, delicately infused with the flavors of torched satsuma mandarin and togarashi, left a lasting impression on us. The beautiful preparation of dishes like Pressed King Oyster Mushroom Nigiri and Tomato Nigiri, subtly enhanced with kombu, also showcased Omakaseed’s uniqueness and brought about an exceptional and pleasing taste. The Carrot Nigiri, expertly koji-cured and smoked, garnished with white kelp, demonstrated the chef's ingenious approach as well. Every bite of the Spaghetti Squash Nigiri, adorned with a delicate veil of fried onions, and the Zuke Daikon Nigiri, harmonizing the richness of fried shallots, brought pure enjoyment.

We were enthralled by other highlights of their sushi creations, including the beautifully pressed and marinated Cucumber Gunkan, the perfectly layered Truffle Avocado Oshizushi, the exquisite Smoked Pineapple Nigiri, and the captivating Shiso Takuan Maki. Each of these offerings showcased the artistry and innovation present at Omakaseed.

The Oyster Mushroom Handroll, sautéed in yuzu, and the Melon & Almond Ricotta, featuring chilled melon accompanied by whipped almond ricotta and nori, provided a harmonious end to our extraordinary journey.

With the utmost reverence, we make an extraordinary claim: Omakaseed possesses undeniable qualities that deserve the highest accolades. To overlook the opportunity to savor the vegan sushi this establishment has to offer would be an irrevocable loss.


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