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Avant Garden: An Exquisite Culinary Odyssey

A Gastronomic Masterpiece at the Pinnacle of Vegan Fine Dining

Avant Garden beckons both New Yorkers and those from afar with an allure that transcends mere recommendation—it is an absolute must-visit. Located discreetly in an intimate setting, this exceptional gem casts a spell of refined sophistication on its guests. As the restaurant prepares for expansion, a testament to its overwhelming popularity, one must not miss the chance to secure a coveted reservation and embark on an extraordinary gastronomic adventure.

The exceptional team at Avant Garden serve as invaluable guides, skillfully assisting guests in navigating their enticing menu. Any hesitations quickly fade away as the attentive staff graciously helps in selecting the perfect ensemble of dishes.

Our journey began with the "Colds" section, starting with the baby gem—a charred gem lettuce Caesar salad. We then delighted in the brussels, a superb blend of brussels sprouts, candied walnut, cranberry, fig gastrique, and green apple. The avocado dish stood out, embodying the essence of Avant Garden's philosophy. The dish showcased a captivating combination of carrot ginger dressing, crispy rice, miso glaze, and blistered shishito peppers. What may seem like a simple avocado unravels into a captivating sushi-like experience, where perfectly vinegar-glazed rice, exquisite miso undertones, and an enchanting dressing elevate the dish to new heights. Despite being classified as "Colds," these dishes presented a harmonious interplay of temperatures, blending elements of warmth and cold temperatures. The brussels were equally enchanting, with a Caesar dressing that defied expectations and a humble Brussels sprout creation that exuded both simplicity and decadence. The restaurant's dedication to decadent plant-based cuisine was abundantly clear, as every dish showcased an exquisite balance of simplicity and skill, a testament to the expertise behind their creation. Moreover, each dish presented itself as a true work of art.

Our journey continued with Avant Garden's renowned toast offerings, celebrated for their artistry and flavor. The roasted beet, featuring a sumptuous hummus, date, sumac, chickpea, and cucumber dip, captivated our palates. Equally captivating was the artichoke, accompanied by a luscious spinach artichoke puree, black truffle vinaigrette, and jicama. The intersection of flavors in these creations was truly divine, as the thoughtfully crafted dip transformed the roasted beet, while the exquisite combination of spinach artichoke and black truffle left a lasting impression. Each bite offered a delightful medley of textures and flavors.

The hot dishes were equally impressive. The scorched cauliflower dish, boasting toasted garlic, fried capers, and a velvety cauliflower puree, presented a unique and outstanding creation. The celery root dish, accompanied by a Shiitake mushroom sauce and mushroom gremolata, reignited our appreciation for this often-overlooked vegetable. The hen of the woods mushroom puree dish, served alongside kohlrabi and pickled hon shimeji, showcased a remarkable blend of flavors. The roasted carrot entree, artfully paired with farro, ramp chimichurri, and cucumber tzatziki offered a remarkable reinterpretation of the humble root vegetable. Lastly, the house-made spaghetti, enveloped in a creamy carbonara-inspired sauce and adorned with smoked mushrooms and spring onion, delivered an unparalleled taste experience. Each hot dish surpassed expectations, emerging as culinary masterpieces. The scorched cauliflower exceeded any prior encounters with this ubiquitous vegetable, while the celery root displayed a level of creativity that defied expectations.

From its ambiance and atmosphere to its decadent offerings, this establishment sets a new benchmark in vegan fine dining. Avant Garden astounds with its ability to deliver an unparalleled sensory experience. If the opportunity arises to secure a reservation, spare no effort or expense, for the rewards of this culinary pilgrimage are immeasurable.


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