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Breakaway's R&B is a Dive Bar with Michelin Level Food

Located within the snug embrace of a vintage dive bar ambiance, Breakaway's R&B was a culinary time capsule, where the spirit of old-school New Orleans blended seamlessly with contemporary flair. Their mission was clear: to breathe new life into treasured recipes, infusing them with flavors that captured the essence of today.

The menu at Breakaway's R&B was a delightful blend of nostalgia and innovation. We started our journey with the mushroom fritters, a divine medley of earthy mushrooms perfectly complemented by the vegan remoulade sauce, a contemporary twist on a classic.

***Best of Best Alert***

We had to crown Breakaway’s with the best use of a mushroom. As you know battered and fried mushrooms and cauliflower are used often in vegan dishes, and they are often done poorly. Breakaway’s had our mind blown from their mushroom fritters. They have rightfully own our award and recognition for best use of a mushroom.

***Best of Best Alert***

The vegan gumbo paid homage to tradition, a bubbling cauldron of history and flavor. It generously married time-honored gumbo ingredients with vibrant greens, offering a delicious testament to the past brought to life for modern palates. Equally captivating was the Yaka Mein, a masterpiece that reimagined a beloved classic. The dish involved long macaroni noodles intertwined with locally made seitan, bathed in a flavorful vegetable broth.

When it came to taste and quality, Breakaway's R&B excelled.

The red bean falafel plate was a showstopper. The dish involved a beautiful interplay of flavors that came together with perfection. The falafel, impeccably fresh, boasted a delightful crispness and tender interior, while the velvety rich hummus, which is the chef's special Tahini that is dubbed "Crystal Tahini" elevated the entire experience to culinary excellence. These culinary stars were accompanied by a medley of pickled vegetables and fresh greens, enhancing the dish's overall artistry and depth of flavor. It's worth noting that achieving falafel of such perfection is a commendable achievement, and we wholeheartedly tip our hats to the chef for this impeccable execution.

The citrus salad was a zesty surprise, its vibrant citrus notes mingling with the pickled fennel's tang and the crunch of toasted pecans was a refreshing interlude.

The persillade fried tofu PoBoy truly stood out, showcasing tofu that had been prepared with precision. It was elevated by the addition of sesame mirlton slaw, pickled onions, and a lively vegan citrus aioli that brought a burst of flavor to every bite. Meanwhile, the vegan Italian sausage PoBoy delivered a spicy kick, featuring locally made seitan, a medley of fresh spring mix, zesty pickled vegetables, and the vibrant combination of red and yellow bell peppers and tomatoes. All these elements melded seamlessly beneath the layer of aioli, creating a memorable and bold PoBoy experience. Both PoBoys came with a generous serving of house fries, seasoned with a touch of garlic, which played their part perfectly.

***Best of Best Alert***

Breakaway’s seitan is by far the best seitan we have ever tasted. It made their hot sausage into a dish that is a must try.

***Best of Best Alert***

Now, we have never given out three Best of the Best awards in one review, but then we got to dessert and we knew a record would be broken. We started with Breakaway’s beignets. Wow. Their beignets are perfectly fried, moist dough, and sweetened to perfection. As good as their beignets were, their deconstructed bananas foster is to die for, literally. The dish is a banana split in half with a caramelized sugar layer on top giving it a perfect creme brulee feel. That is surrounded by the most amazing coconut cream that is so light, sweet, and smooth. It gives hints of pina colada, and mixes perfectly with the banana. But then, it gets better because there are a healthy serving of candied pecans placed all over the dish. Then to top it all off is two cherries placed on top of the cream. This dessert is seriously something you must try before you die.

***Best of Best Alert***

Breakaway’s gets a third award for their bananas foster dish. It is truly the best dessert served in a restaurant that we have ever tried.

***Best of Best Alert***

Beyond the cuisine, Breakaway's R&B paid homage to preservation. The ambiance was a portal to old New Orleans, with the dive bar's aura reminiscent of a bygone era. The jukebox added a vintage charm to the space. The staff, warm and attentive, extended the Southern charm of hospitality.

Breakaway's dedication to quality knew no bounds. Everything was painstakingly crafted in-house or locally sourced, ensuring that each dish sang with the freshest, most vibrant flavors.

Breakaway's R&B is a hidden treasure trove in the realm of late-night dining in New Orleans. With its robust vegan offerings and authentic flavors, it was an enchanting spot for a satisfying dinner or a post-night-out indulgence. The overall experience masterfully fuses the charm of old-world New Orleans with contemporary culinary artistry, making it a must-visit establishment that we wholeheartedly endorse.


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