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Coronado: A Restaurant in a Renovated Home, Serving Home Cooked Meals

Located in the heart of Phoenix, Coronado is a vegan restaurant that invites you to embark on a remarkable brunch experience. As we visited Coronado, we were immediately immersed in a world of pancake perfection. From the very beginning to the bittersweet end of our dining experience, it is the celebrated pancakes at Coronado that seized our full attention, leaving an unforgettable imprint on our collective palates. Though the short stack may appear small, its reputation surpasses that of any other pancake variation in Arizona. They boast a divine balance of tender and fluffy interiors, perfectly complemented by a delightful golden-brown crust that adds a satisfying crunch to each bite. The impeccable execution elevates this pancake extravaganza to celestial heights.The pancakes alone make a visit to this establishment a must for any food enthusiast.

Unfortunately, the biscuits left much to be desired. The biscuits exuded a sense of mediocrity even when graced with the accompaniments of jelly and maple syrup. Their redeeming quality lies in their ability to complement other dishes, rather than their own appeal.

Moving on to the appetizers, we explored the chips and fried guacamole. The house-made chips immediately stood out, surpassing their lackluster counterparts found elsewhere. While a touch of more boldness in the seasoning would have been welcomed, the superior quality compensated for any minor quibbles. Paired with the chips, the fried guacamole offered a unique and satisfying experience. It showcased a distinctive take on traditional guacamole, complemented by a pleasing textural play. This inventive and delectable dish added a touch of healthy indulgence to our appetizer selection.

Next up was the Chimichanga, a delicious creation that amazed us with its amalgamation of house-made chorizo, red potatoes, and cilantro lime sauce. The addition of vegan cream and pickled fresno peppers elevated the dish further, adding layers of complexity. Our only minor critiques revolve around the refried black beans that fell short of expectations, which lacked distinct flavor and dried out quickly, as well as the slightly soggy base of the Chimichanga. However, although the minor flaws detracted from the overall experience, it did not overshadow its other outstanding qualities.

We continued on to the Jackfruit Flautas, which delighted us with their perfect texture, free from any unwanted sogginess. The incorporation of jackfruit proved to be a commendable touch, imbuing the filling with a lighter and more delicate essence. Our last dish was the Red Bean & Rice Quesadilla featuring red beans, brown rice, Pico de Gallo, and San Gabriel sauce. While undeniably enjoyable, it is worth noting the modest nature of this dish, which would warrant a respectable rating of 7 out of 10. We must confess that quesadillas, from our experience, have a knack for falling short of lofty expectations, so a 7 out of 10 isn’t too shabby.

All in all, Coronado presents a diverse range of culinary delights, each with its own level of success. However, if you're on the hunt for outstanding pancakes, Coronado is the place to be. Their expertise in the art of pancake-making is undeniable, and missing out on their pancake mastery would be a great loss.


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