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Crossroads Kitchen Does It Again In LA

Crossroads Kitchen in Melrose has been redefining plant-based dining since its establishment in March 2013.

Proudly serving mouthwatering Mediterranean meals in an upscale and refined atmosphere, this vegan gem challenges stereotypes associated with plant-based cuisine.

The restaurant exudes an elegant ambiance with dim lighting, creating an intimate and sophisticated setting. Surprisingly, it stands as the first plant-based spot in town to feature a full bar, complete with an inspired cocktail program. Without overt vegan indicators, guests are pleasantly surprised to discover that the entire menu is plant-based, focusing on comfort and satisfaction rather than conforming to plant-based stereotypes.

We began with the Calamari Fritti, a delightful dish crafted from mushrooms. The crispy coating and remarkably authentic texture made it a standout starter. The perfectly fried calamari left us savoring each bite.

The Cheese Plate showcased a diverse assortment of camembert, blue, boursin, quince paste, Mojave dried grapes, and a toasted baguette. We enjoyed the creativity and the quality of the cheeses.

The Artichoke Oysters, featuring artichoke purée, crispy oyster mushrooms béarnaise, and kelp caviar, cleverly replicated the essence of oysters. It's a must-try for those seeking inventive plant-based dishes that push culinary boundaries.

The Lasagna Bolognese, crafted with Impossible meat and bechamel sauce, delivered a delightful layering of flavors. The inclusion of fennel seeds in the Impossible meat brought a pleasing earthy sweetness to the dish, adding a unique touch.

For dessert, the Banana Pudding with vanilla cream and almond streusel offered a delightful fusion of textures and flavors. The Brownie Sundae, featuring vanilla ice cream, fudge sauce, and coconut whip with brandied cherries, was a decadent conclusion to our meal.

Each element of every meal showcased the culinary consistency and excellence that Crossroads Kitchen is celebrated for, rivaling even its renowned Vegas location.

Inside the restaurant, the upscale atmosphere and subdued lighting provided a relaxing and pleasant setting. The staff, including our friendly and helpful waiter, added to the overall positive dining experience. Crossroads Kitchen takes pride in crafting everything from scratch in-house, elevating the quality of their offerings beyond the expectations of traditional vegan or non-vegan establishments.

Crossroads on Melrose delivers an extraordinary plant-based dining experience with consistently great food, a creative menu, and an inviting setting. The acclaim showered upon this vegan gem is entirely deserved, making it a must-visit for those seeking an exceptional culinary adventure.


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