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Delectable Dopamine-Inducing Vegan Donuts

Broussard, LA. Jak’s Donuts.

Okay, we won’t lie. This wasn’t a tasting but rather a full on immersion. Jak’s was put on our radar after we saw this WILD review. We went back to back to back three days in a row to try every single vegan offering. We were honestly shocked to see that there were quite a few vegan offerings considering this donut shop is in small town USA.

It was quite difficult to procure the donuts from Jak’s. We had to call a few days in advance to make an order, having to triple check that the donuts were indeed fully vegan. (Side bar: one time a restaurant told us scrambled eggs that came from chickens not plants were vegan, so we are naturally quite skeptical and traumatized by people’s misconceptions of what vegan food actually means) Jak’s also didn’t seem to prepare the vegan donuts with the conventional donuts, so they weren’t ready for sale for walk-ins. An odd part of the process occurred when we picked up the cinnamon rolls, and the owner proclaimed that they wouldn’t be making the veganized version of the cinnamon rolls anymore without a clear explanation. It seemed to us that perhaps making the vegan donuts were a huge inconvenience and hassle. Nevertheless, we proceeded to taste the donuts with an objective lens, discounting the weird vibes the owner served us with the cinnamon rolls. We ordered the classic glazed, strawberry, chocolate, lemon donuts and cinnamon rolls. They were all exceptional.

Classic Glazed: light, airy, non-greasy, perfect amount of sweetness and glaze. Melts in your mouth.

Strawberry, Lemon, Chocolate: natural flavoring (not an artificial flavoring situation that you get mostly from these types of donuts), the strawberry/lemon/chocolate coating top layer gave it sufficient flavoring but didn’t take over the donut. The base was the same as the glazed donut, so all of our findings regarding the glazed applied here as well.

Cinnamon Roll: absolutely nuts, delicious beyond belief; moist and super flavorful and somehow continued to get better and better as you reached the center — this was our fave. It had a classic glazed donut base, with an amazing balance of glaze, cinnamon and sugar. 10/10 highly recommend. You really leave your body while eating this one.

Sadly, the best offering (the cinnamon roll) won’t be available on an on-going basis or ever (unless you’re ready to negotiate with the owner, which very well may be worth it), but if you’re looking for good quality glazed/strawberry/lemon/chocolate donuts, Jak’s is your place!

Disclaimer: We are obsessed with nuts, and decided to add roasted candied nuts as a topping as you will see above. Because why not add on an extra 300+ calories when you’re indulging in dozens of donuts consecutive days? This topping, however, wasn’t available at Jak’s.


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