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Dining in Paradise: Planta Marina del Rey

Our visit to Planta Marina del Rey was fueled by the memorable experience we had at their Williamsburg location on the east coast. The marina setting unfolded like a dream—vaulted ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows created an atmosphere of modern elegance. The contemporary decor, adorned with subtle retro-hued pops of color, added a playful charm to the visual feast. 

Yet, it wasn't just the aesthetics that stole the show; Planta crafted a palette of flavors that left us enchanted. Each dish was a burst of taste and artful presentation, exceeding our expectations and leaving us blissfully satisfied. The culinary experience was nothing short of extraordinary.

As we stepped into Planta's eclectic embrace, the ambiance became a fusion of vibrant green decor, reminiscent of Miami's artsy spirit. The menu, a dance between Latin dishes and Asian fusion, was a feast for both the eyes and the palate.

Our exploration began with the delectable Dragon Roll, a refined vegan sushi masterpiece featuring tempura broccoli, spinach, avocado, and spicy unagi sauce—a perfect blend of flavors and textures. 

The Spinach Mushroom Quesadilla showcased cashew mozzarella, cilantro, and tomatillo salsa. Each piece unfolded with a perfect balance of gooey, melty cheese, earthy spinach and mushrooms, and the zesty kick from the tomatillo salsa. The tortilla, golden and slightly crispy, encapsulated the essence of a well-crafted quesadilla, making it a standout and delicious highlight of our dining experience.

The Udon Noodles, enveloped in creamy truffle mushroom sauce and adorned with shaved black truffle, provided a comforting warmth and unmatched deliciousness.

Crispy Gyoza was an impressive fusion of flavors. The earthy essence of taro mingled seamlessly with the lively citrus notes of lemongrass and the subtle heat of aji amarillo. The addition of spinach brought a refreshing touch, while the chimichurri contributed a zesty and herbaceous kick. Encased in a flawlessly crispy exterior, each bite delivered a satisfying crunch, creating the perfect vessel for the vibrant blend of flavors and textures that made this Gyoza an irresistible delight.

Meanwhile, the Bang Bang Broccoli, featuring a beautiful mix of sweet chili and peanut sauce, proved to be utterly addictive, leaving our taste buds yearning for another round.

Leaving space for the grand finale—dessert, we treated ourselves to the Corn Cake adorned with dulce de leche and corn flake crumble. It transcended expectations, capturing the essence of a dreamy sweet cornbread dish. The Tres Leches, featuring passionfruit and vanilla buttercream, proved to be heavenly—moist and utterly unforgettable. As for the Chocolate Brownie, served with vanilla ice cream, amarena cherry, peanuts, and chocolate fudge sauce, it presented a decadent indulgence that concluded our journey on a sweet and sensational note.

Planta Marina del Rey went beyond captivating us with its breathtaking interior and panoramic views. The curated experience resonated with vibrant colors and extraordinary flavors, transforming our visit into a truly dynamic and unforgettable celebration of food.


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