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Double Zero: You Can Go or You Can Not Go

After dining at Matthew Kenney's renowned New York pizzeria, Double Zero, our impressions were mixed. As devoted fans of this esteemed chef, we were filled with anticipation as we eagerly savored a variety of offerings.

Our journey began with three distinct pizza varieties: the classic margherita, the zesty spicy arrabiata, and the indulgent truffle cashew cream. Among these, the truffle pizza stood out as the undeniable star, a fragrant masterpiece that perfectly captured the essence of truffle. Each delightful bite transported us to a world of exquisite flavors, leaving a lasting impression on our discerning palates. Unfortunately, the margherita and spicy arrabiata fell short of our expectations, offering an ordinary experience reminiscent of typical pizzerias. Despite being cooked in a wood-fired oven, the dough failed to reach its full potential, leaving us longing for a more extraordinary culinary revelation.

Transitioning to the realm of appetizers, the chopped salad emerged as a flavor oasis in our culinary adventure. Expertly crafted, it boasted a harmonious blend of flavors, enhanced by a creamy and well-seasoned Caesar dressing. In contrast, the quinoa-based baked meatballs failed to leave a lasting impression. While the accompanying pita bread was appealing, the meatballs themselves lacked the boldness we anticipated, rendering them average at best. Our opinions differed when it came to the mac and cheese, with a split decision on whether it was above-average or subpar. Nonetheless, it leaned closer to a pasta salad than the promised indulgence, falling short of the hallmark cheesiness associated with this beloved comfort food.

As our expedition approached its finale, we encountered a series of desserts that, regrettably, left much to be desired. While the cheesecake and the trio of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream provided some redemption, their overall impact remained disappointingly underwhelming. The desserts lacked the exceptional quality one craves in the realm of sweet indulgence, leaving us longing for more.

Although our admiration for Matthew Kenney remains unwavering, Double Zero fell short of our expectations. The truffle pizza and caesar chopped salad were standouts, but it is important to manage one's expectations. Crafting an extraordinary pizza is a formidable challenge, and truly outstanding examples are few and far between. It was surprising to discover that a pizzeria in New York failed to meet that standard.


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