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Earth Plant Based: A Captivating Vegan Haven

Established in 2019, Earth Plant Based is a family-owned restaurant that stands out as a vegan food paradise. Offering an exceptional brunch and an array of Mexican-inspired dishes, it has quickly become one of our top favorites. The food is indulgent, flavorful, and made with great care. The ingredients are always fresh, and the majority are organic and non-GMO. Earth Plant Based aims to challenge the misconception that plant-based food is bland or unsatisfying. Moreover, their mission extends beyond just nourishment; they strive to contribute to a healthier planet by promoting reduction, reuse, recycling, composting, and environmental care. Sustainability is ingrained in their ethos, as seen in their use of real silverware, reusable cups, cloth napkins, and creatively repurposed materials like wood pallets, bar beams, and countertops.

We began our experience with the timeless brunch classic, the short stack. Despite their modest size, they were delicious and we enjoyed the delightful crispy top and bottom layers of the stack. Nonetheless, while we relished every bite and acknowledged their superior flavor, we couldn't help but desire a touch of extravagance—an infusion of berries or an artfully arranged medley of fruits, complemented by whipped cream, a dusting of powdered sugar, a sprinkle of nuts, or any other imaginative embellishments to elevate the dish beyond its state of simplicity.

Next on our culinary expedition, we encountered the chilaquiles—an enchanting creation composed of crispy fried tortilla chips with mild salsa, crema, queso, and tofu scramble. Although the passage of time had slightly affected their texture, the inherent brilliance of this dish was evidence. We could only imagine the magnificence when savored at its peak. These chilaquiles were far from ordinary.

Our journey continued with the eagerly anticipated "chicken and waffles.” Here, the vegan chicken took center stage, showcasing beautiful culinary artistry at its best. The chicken itself was fried seitan, seasoned to perfection and expertly cut into pieces. However, we found ourselves yearning for a more captivating waffle experience. While the dish followed the traditional presentation of a single Belgian-style waffle, we hoped for more enticing toppings or perhaps a special preparation with hints of cinnamon or other creative elements. The waffle, as it stood, lacked the transformative touches that could have enhanced the overall experience to achieve a well-rounded balance of textures and flavors.

The mac and cheese dish they served left us utterly astonished. Topped with breadcrumbs—a feature we usually approach with skepticism—we were pleasantly surprised to discover that Earth Plant Based had skillfully incorporated the flavors of garlic bread into their breadcrumb mixture. The velvety cheese with its delicious blend of flavors and perfect viscosity, brought sheer satisfaction, while the noodles delivered a pleasing al dente texture. We wholeheartedly recommend this dish, recognizing the arduous task of earning our admiration in the realm of mac and cheese.

Our culinary adventure reached its zenith with the highly acclaimed vegan milkshakes, surpassing even our loftiest expectations. Partaking in the Peanut Butter and Jelly, as well as the Strawberry Shortcake varieties, was an extraordinary experience that truly left us in awe. These milkshakes, exemplifying perfection, outshone all others we had encountered. Crafting vegan milkshakes can be a challenge, often resulting in grittiness or slushy textures, but Earth Plant Based has mastered the art, delivering a product that surpasses any standard.

We eagerly anticipate our next visit to Phoenix, where we can explore more of Earth Plant Based's diverse menu of classic Mexican-inspired dishes and mind-blowing brunch. It's refreshing to find a place that not only caters to our preferences but also aligns with our values. Earth Plant Based has created a haven for vegans and non-vegans alike, where the focus is on exceptional food that just happens to be plant-based. The variety and quality of their offerings dispel any notions of vegan food being dull or uninspiring. Whether you're seeking a satisfying brunch, a flavorful Mexican-inspired meal, or simply a guilt-free indulgence, Earth Plant Based has it all.


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