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Gourmet Sustainability: The Plot's Plant-Powered Culinary Revolution

Founded by Jessica and Davin Waite, San Diego’s The Plot and The Plot Express intertwine sustainability and plant-based culinary magic, crafting an experience that embraces mindful nourishment and a profound connection to the Earth. The founder’s commitment to sustainability permeates every aspect of The Plot. The restaurant's gardens and locally sourced produce not only reduce environmental impact but also yield nutrient-rich, high-quality ingredients. Beyond serving the restaurant, these gardens serve as an educational hub, nurturing a space that fosters growth and extends The Plot's mission, fostering a stronger connection between their community and the source of their food. Service at The Plot and The Plot Express mirrors their dedication to excellence as well, ensuring every customer feels valued and enlightened.

Named the best savory restaurants during our San Diego tour, The Plot and The Plot Express raise the bar to new heights. Through these establishments, Jessica and Davin Waite set a new standard, proving that exceptional dining experiences can thrive without compromising our planet's well-being, human health, or animal welfare.

We were fortunate enough to indulge in nearly the entire menu at The Plot, and from firsthand experience, every dish is absolutely tantalizing! Beyond their stunning aesthetics, the food is delicious as it is nourishing, leaving you feeling vibrant and energized after each delightful bite. We highly recommend trying multiple dishes to share, as the array of options and variety is truly not to be missed.

The Grilled Cabbage, a seemingly humble vegetable, undergoes a culinary metamorphosis in this dish. Skillfully cooked, it retains its crisp texture, absorbing the smoky essence of the grill, enriched with flavors. It was complemented by an exquisitely creamy pink peppercorn sauce and a side of black beluga lentil caviar.

The Cräb Cake is an iconic dish! Crafted from lion's mane mushroom, prized for its meaty and robust profile, the cräb cake delivers a delightful array of tastes and mouthwatering sensations. The catalina cream, a plant-based rendition of mayonnaise crab cake sauce, adds a touch of richness and authenticity, while the radicchio and pears introduce a unique sweetness and pungency that work beautifully with the mushroom's savory notes. From the impeccably seasoned batter to the absence of grease and oil, this crab cake is remarkable, earning the well-deserved title of "Best of the Best" among its peers.

The Caviar & Potato, an intriguing combination of humble potato and luxurious lentil caviar, showcases The Plot’s ability to elevate seemingly ordinary ingredients to extraordinary heights. Three perfectly cooked Yukon Gold potatoes lay the groundwork for this dish, adorned with a crown of black beluga lentils and a dollop of creme fraiche. Accompanied by pickled onions and preserved lemon, these elements introduce a tangy and acidic contrast, perfectly balancing the depth of the potatoes and lentils.

For those seeking a sheer indulgence, the Cheësy Truffle Fries are a must-try. These perfectly crisped fries, boasting a delightful balance between crispy exteriors and soft interiors, showcase The Plot's mastery of texture and taste. Free from any overwhelming starchy flavor, the fries let the creamy cheese and unique truffle sauce take center stage. Every fry generously coated in this unique truffle sauce guarantees an explosion of truffle essence with every single bite—an experience like no other.

At The Plot, their sushi mastery embodies exceptional craftsmanship. From the exquisite flavors and textures to the presentation, their rolls stand as the pinnacle of sushi artistry. Their techniques transform premium plant-based ingredients into delectable pieces that complement the sushi rice flawlessly. This dedication to quality, balance, and inventiveness elevates their sushi to "Best of the Best" status. 

The Chronic was our absolute favorite. The star of the show is the lion's mane mushroom, the same ingredient that transformed the cräb cake into an unrivaled culinary triumph. Sliced thinly and delicately seasoned, it provides a meaty and flavorful base for the sushi roll. Encompassed within the sushi rice, a spicy tuna and avocado filling adds a delightful burst of flavor and creaminess. The tempura coating envelopes the sushi roll in a crispy embrace, adding a touch of indulgence. The crowning glory is the delicate balance of spicy mayo and sweet n' spicy citrus sauce.

The Späm Musubi, a dish that initially raised eyebrows, reveals remarkable ingenuity. The red lentil späm brings a distinct savory taste that pairs harmoniously with the tender rice, while the sesame teriyaki sauce adds a lustrous touch and a subtle sweetness. Our experience with the red lentil späm was impressive; its unique flavor and texture challenged our expectations, leaving a lasting impression.

The Carrot Bang Bang is a feast for the senses. The crispy battered carrotfish, perfectly seasoned and cooked to perfection, is a star in itself. Its complex texture provides a delightful contrast to the creamy avocado and crunchy fresh cucumber. The kimchi garlic sauce adds a touch of tanginess while the umami adds meaty notes that elevate the dish. 

The Chickën & Waffles, a dish often taken for granted, is given a new lease on life at The Plot. The waffles, airy, soft, and subtly sweet, offer a delightful counterpoint to the savory chickën. Here, chickën translates to lightly battered and fried tofu sticks, boasting an exceptional textural profile. Generous servings of both chickën and waffles add to the dish's allure.

The Biscuits and Gravy, a quintessential Southern favorite, is flawlessly executed. The chickpea biscuits, generously smothered in white mushroom gravy, form a gratifying foundation for the delicately battered crispy tofu sticks. Accentuated by Okinawan spinach, a tender and flavorful leafy green, the dish gains a refreshing element. The creamy gravy, a notorious challenge to perfect, boasts a subtle mushroom infusion that beautifully complements with the biscuits and tofu, without overshadowing their essence.

The Okinawan Sweet Potato Gnocchi, a unique and innovative dish, showcases The Plot’s creativity and their ability to elevate humble ingredients. The gnocchi pasta, made from Okinawan Sweet Potato, is incredibly smooth, rich and delicate, melting in your mouth with a burst of sweetness and density. Accompanied by roasted baby carrots and charred pickled turnips, lending a sweet and tangy flair, the dish is unified by a lusciously rich carrot puree, tying together the flavors with its buttery richness.

The Seasonal Risotto was one of our favorites. The risotto, cooked to perfection, is soft, pillowy, and infused with a delicate seasoning that allows the natural flavors of the rice to shine through. In this dish, every element complements the other without overpowering it.


The Meatless Loaf demonstrates The Plot’s ability to create meatless dishes without  relying on CPG mock meats. The meatless loaf, crafted from lentils and beans, is packed with flavor and texture, offering a satisfying bite. Accompanied by a refreshing caramelized tomato jam, the dish gains a tangy twist, while the creamy garlic yam mash, infused with the subtle sweetness of garlic and paired with black pepper collard greens, adds a layer of complexity to the dish.

The Polenta & Chorizo is a definite standout. The impeccably cooked polenta patty strikes a flawless balance between creamy and firm, serving as an exceptional foundation for the house-made chorizo. Infused with a blend of spices, the chorizo exudes a smoky, savory essence that perfectly accentuates the subtle richness of the polenta.

The Shepherd's Pie embodies the essence of comfort food and truly captivated us. Comprising meatless loaf, carrots, onions, and savory gravy, it boasted a hearty foundation, topped with creamy mashed potatoes. Served alongside broccoli and demi-glace, it encapsulated the genuine essence of a classic Shepherd’s Pie.

As our journey at The Plot came to a close, we were treated to a sweet finale with The Plot Cake, a Spanish olive oil cake, moist and perfectly balanced in sweetness that was equal parts indulgent and wholesome.


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