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Holy Crepes! Artisanal Crepes in the French Market

In the heart of the bustling French Market in New Orleans, Holy Crepes! is a true gem, offering a diverse range of crepes to satisfy every palate. At the core of the Holy Crepes! experience lies their house-made artisanal vegan gluten-free batter—a rare find in the world of crepes, where vegan options are often hard to come by. Holy Crepes! makes their crepes how the original and authentic crepes are made in France, so these are much better and different from the Americanized crepes that most have had.

With an extensive and diverse menu, choosing from Holy Crepes' offerings can be a delightful challenge. Fortunately, our visit allowed us to explore a range of unique crepe creations:

First, there's the ever-popular La Amore, a twist on the traditional Nutella-laden crepe, opting instead for Justin's Hazelnut Milk Chocolate. This confection is generously adorned with luscious strawberries and ripe bananas. Imagine a perfectly golden-brown crepe, its exterior delicately crispy while embracing a generous, mouthwatering filling. This exemplary texture and structural integrity remain a hallmark of every crepe offered.

For the adventurous souls, the Boozy Suzy awaits, paying homage to the timeless suzette. This decadent treat is graced with vegan butter, sugar, and a liberal dousing of Grand Marnier, an orange liqueur,offering a tasteful blend of sophistication and indulgence.

The Priscilla offers a masterpiece of simplicity, with the exquisite balance of peanut butter and fresh bananas.

A naturally sweet offering, the Honey Bunny, involves bananas that are artfully dusted with cinnamon and graced with a drizzle of maple syrup—an exquisite vegan alternative to honey.

In honor of the city's zest, The Orleans celebrates with fresh strawberries and banana slices, elegantly dusted with powdered sugar and crowned with heavenly vegan whipped cream.

A highlight of our journey was the divine Praline crepe, a soulful rendition of New Orleans tradition. The melding of melted vegan butter, brown sugar, pecans, and a hint of cinnamon crafted an unforgettable and immersive sensory experience that stole the show.

The Fromage unveiled their house-made vegan cheese, an amalgamation of profound flavor depth, creamy silkiness, and a velvety smoothness——a remarkable departure from the common sodium-heavy commercial vegan cheeses.

The Pesto crepe, featuring vegan cheese and pesto sauce alongside spinach and tomatoes, offered a refreshing balance without the oiliness that sometimes mars this classic.

Holy Crepes' beverage offerings also shine. A standout is the frozen basil lemonade, reminiscent of a Chicago italian ice, and the popular vegan frozen coffee.

The story of Holy Crepes! extends far beyond its delectable offerings. Owner Kaisha Daley, hailing from the Bay Area, stumbled upon a mobile crepe cart that ignited her passion for the art. Her journey led to a profound commitment to gluten-free and vegan options, culminating in her taking the helm of this remarkable restaurant. Kaisha's joy emanates from being able to provide options that previously seemed inaccessible. The enduring connections formed, such as a family dining at her shop for seven consecutive days during their visit or a couple returning from their first date to their engagement, marriage, and the arrival of their first child, illustrate the meaningful role Holy Crepes! plays in the community. Kaisha proudly considers herself an integral part of this vibrant community, and Holy Crepes! authentically reflects that connection—a place where flavors and relationships intertwine.

Holy Crepes’ dedication to quality, community, and authenticity, elevates the establishment to a must-visit destination in the heart of New Orleans.


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