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Marina Serenity: Beachside Restaurant & Bar

In the heart of Marina del Rey, Beachside Restaurant & Bar offers a delightful waterfront dining experience, under the creative direction of Executive Chef Irene Verceles. Our recent visit to this cherished establishment left us with a memorable dining experience though we couldn't help but observe the limited choices for vegan options.

Situated within the Jamaica Bay Inn, adjacent to the iconic Mother's Beach, Beachside boasts a spacious dining room and an oceanfront patio, providing a relaxed al fresco setting with captivating water views.

Our culinary exploration commenced with the Avocado Toast—a refreshing mix of mashed avocado, radishes, Persian cucumber, toasted sesame, pickled red onion, on multigrain wheat toast (minus the cotija cheese). The combination showcased Chef Irene Verceles’ adeptness in crafting vibrant and flavorful dishes with fresh and quality ingredients.

We also indulged in the Oatmeal, featuring rolled oats, apple compote, and dried cranberries—an exquisite blend of comforting flavors. Additionally, our taste buds were treated to the satisfying Berry Smoothie with plant protein, a surprisingly filling and flavorful concoction.

We truly savored the healthful, nutrient-dense offerings; however, it's worth mentioning that we had anticipated more inventive and diverse plant-based choices to elevate the overall menu.

The service at Beachside Restaurant & Bar was exceptional, characterized by friendliness and attentiveness. The establishment also stands out for its pet-friendly environment, catering to those who wish to dine with their furry companions.

Beachside Restaurant & Bar delivers a memorable dining experience in Marina del Rey, characterized by its inviting ambiance and scenic location. The exceptional service from the staff and the pet-friendly atmosphere truly make it a gem in the area. While the menu may lack some imagination, it compensates with solid choices, making it a fantastic spot to enjoy not only great food but also a wonderful ambiance.


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