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New Orleans' Breakfast Royalty: Scrambled's Symphony of Flavor and Bliss

Scrambled's location in New Orleans, the food capital of the U.S., feels like destiny, and it undeniably lives up to that reputation–we dare say, it reigns as breakfast royalty of the town. Scrambled is a culinary masterpiece orchestrated by the creative synergy of Steven and Sierra Green, a dynamic husband-and-wife duo. Sierra's inventive genius laid the conceptual foundation and helped craft the menu at Scrambled with Steven, a classically trained chef with an illustrious career spanning Denmark and New Orleans establishments. With Scrambled, Steven had a clear vision: to transcend the conventional allure of Michelin-starred cuisine, instead focusing on crafting dishes that not only delight the palate but also touch the soul and bring joy. At Scrambled, individuality isn't just embraced; it's celebrated, whether in the unique dishes or the staff.

Stepping into Scrambled was like entering a world of its own, where every detail contributed to a unique and welcoming ambiance. The staff, encouraged to be themselves and express their individuality, greeted us with genuine beaming enthusiasm, their deep knowledge of the menu evident in their recommendations. Throughout our dining experience, we were consistently impressed by their attentive and top-notch service, which elevated the entire meal. The walls adorned with vibrant New Orleans-inspired artwork added to the captivating atmosphere, immersing us in the lively spirit of the city.

We began with Scrambled's Vegan Pancake. These pancakes were artfully adorned with a profusion of fresh strawberries, ripe bananas, plump blueberries, and the alluring option of pecans. Each bite was a delightful exploration of various textures and flavors. The pancakes themselves involved a dance of a crisp, golden exterior that gave way to a luxuriously fluffy core. The inherent flavor profile of the pancake involved a blend of vanilla warm notes and a precisely balanced level of sweetness that took the taste experience to unparalleled heights. These pancakes stood tall, needing no additional syrup to shine. They were an exquisite work of culinary art.

Our exploration continued with Scrambled's Vegan Sausage, an in-house creation that brilliantly mimics the essence of traditional breakfast sausage. With a remarkable interplay of sweetness and spiciness, it effortlessly complements the pancakes, each bite was an ode to breakfast's cherished traditions.

Our journey then led us to the Vadouvan Spice Tofu and Breakfast Potatoes, a testament to Steven's avant-garde culinary prowess. The tofu, far from ordinary, bore the distinctive imprint of deep earthy spices, lending it a captivating allure. Paired with impeccably crisp breakfast potatoes, expertly seasoned in a Cajun-inspired fashion, this dish elevated the humble potato into an art form.

The pinnacle of our dining experience reached its crescendo with the arrival of the Praline Pancakes. This breakfast masterpiece transcended the ordinary, delivering an extraordinary sensory journey. Every facet of these pancakes united in a delightful display of pure culinary opulence.

These heavenly pancakes were artfully topped with bananas, a generous drizzle of praline sauce, and a lavish layer of silky cream cheese both within and on top. Indulgence was the order of the day, with the praline sauce contributing buttery richness and delightful nutty nuances that graced each bite with warm, inviting notes. The cream cheese, with its luxurious texture, provided a velvety contrast, while the pecans introduced the perfect crunch and an additional layer of nuanced richness, creating an exquisite dynamic profile of flavors and textures. The sweetness was impeccably calibrated, satisfying the palate without overwhelming it. These pancakes were a flawless embodiment of moisture, maintaining a consistent softness that bordered on airy and fluffy throughout. The flavors were impeccably distributed, ensuring a perfect pancake that quite literally melted in your mouth.

***Best of the Best Alert*** These Praline Pancakes ascend to the throne, dethroning all contenders as the undisputed champions of pancake perfection.

Our grand finale on the Scrambled food tour was the Tofu Scrambled Bowl, a masterful combination of tofu, breakfast potatoes, vegan sausage, sautéed mushrooms, succulent tomatoes, zesty pickled jalapeños, and a luscious avocado mash. Each element played its part to perfection. The avocado contributed a rich, creamy element, while the potatoes formed a crispy, seasoned foundation. The pickled jalapeños added an exciting spice, and the tomatoes provided a refreshing burst of subtle acidity. This tofu bowl showcased the culinary brilliance of Steven, who masterfully combined diverse flavors into a flavor-packed masterpiece.

Scrambled unquestionably deserves a perfect score of 10/10. Our advice? Don't just visit once; make it a ritual. Scrambled isn't just a breakfast spot; it's a shrine to breakfast lovers. It sets the standard for what breakfast should be—a flawless start to your day. It's aspirational and deserves a place in every city. Every city should indeed aspire to have its own Scrambled, for its unique culinary excellence deserves nothing less.


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