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Original Thought: A Disappointing Journey into Mobile Cuisine

Intrigued by the buzz surrounding New Orleans' Original Thought food truck, we ventured forth with cautious optimism. Having harbored reservations about the food truck scene, our preconceived notions were reluctantly set aside in favor of exploring the realm of mobile gastronomy. Alas, our initial skepticism was validated, leaving us with little desire to revisit this culinary domain.

Admittedly, there are commendable aspects to Original Thought. The incorporation of high-class ingredients and their commitment to crafting everything in-house undoubtedly contribute to the overall quality of the meals. The tantalizing allure of a wholesome indulgence, devoid of compromise, holds promise within the realm of their offerings.

Our gastronomic expedition commenced with the widely acclaimed pancake platter. Alas, the pancakes themselves evoked a sense of familiarity that betrayed their unremarkable origin—a mere assembly of boxed mix with the addition of water. Furthermore, their diminutive size left us yearning for a more substantial culinary encounter. While the homestyle potatoes proved to be a saving grace, delivering a burst of satisfying flavors, it was the cheesy polenta that truly stood out, offering a glimmer of respite amidst a rather lackluster experience. Accompanied by jackfruit and peppers, the additional components did not disappoint, providing mild redeeming qualities.

Our culinary expedition progressed to the cauliwings, their enticing batter boasting a pleasing texture achieved through expert frying techniques. Regrettably, the same cannot be said for the cauliflower itself, as its inherent taste and flavor were distressingly absent. Furthermore, a dearth of sauce further compounded the disappointment, reducing the dining experience to a mere exercise in consuming unseasoned fried cauliflower. Our ill-fated choice of the agave mustard sauce further compounded the predicament, leaving us yearning for a more harmonious flavor profile. This woeful tale continued with the oyster mushroom bites, suffering a fate identical to their cauliwing counterparts. Though the batter maintained its exceptional quality, the mushrooms themselves were devoid of seasoning and flavor, leaving us yearning for a culinary spark that failed to materialize. The accompanying scant smattering of ranch sauce offered marginal respite, yet fell short of redemption.

Reeling from the monotonous onslaught of lackluster sides, our palates sought solace in the realm of sweet plantains. This particular offering did manage to elicit a semblance of satisfaction, showcasing their inherent sweetness and texture. However, the absence of accompanying elements rendered the experience unbalanced, leaving us yearning for a contrasting element to punctuate the flavor journey. We pressed on, determined to uncover a glimmer of redemption within the realm of sandwiches. Our foray into the Better than Popeye's sandwich proved to be a disheartening affair. The presence of meagerly-applied buffalo sauce managed to salvage a modicum of flavor, yet the overall composition faltered, succumbing to mediocrity with ill-proportioned oyster mushrooms encased in ordinary bread. Our subsequent encounter with the Jackfruit sandwich provided a relatively more favorable experience, buoyed by the interplay of flavors brought forth by the peppers and the commendable coleslaw dressing. Nonetheless, it paled in comparison to the standout cheesy polenta. Concluding our journey with the veggie hot dog, we were met with a peculiar predicament. While the hot dog itself was passable, the overpowering presence of the sausage overwhelmed the entire culinary symphony. Bite after bite, the sausage dominated the senses, leaving little room for other flavors to emerge. It was an overwhelming experience that bordered on monotony, rendering the other components virtually imperceptible.

In summary, we regrettably cannot endorse seeking sustenance at Original Thought. The underwhelming quality of their offerings fails to justify the prices charged, leaving discerning palates craving more satisfying alternatives amidst the vibrant culinary landscape of New Orleans.


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