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Ras Plant Based: Recognized by James Beard, but They Don't Even Get How Great This Food Is

Chef Romeo Regalli and his wife Milka, the visionary creators of Ras, have established a plant-based culinary venture on Franklin Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. Their mission is far reaching, as they endeavor to nourish the community with high-quality, health-promoting ingredients that surpass the flavor and appeal of typical unhealthy fare.

Stepping into Ras, one immediately senses its distinctive charm. With floral adornments, soothing colors, and an ambiance reminiscent of a tranquil coffee shop, this restaurant offers a welcoming haven for those seeking an enjoyable meal, a delightful date, or a memorable gathering with friends. The staff exemplifies excellence, providing helpful and knowledgeable service. Remarkably, we found ourselves seated near departing patrons who eagerly recommended numerous dishes, a testament to their genuine appreciation for Ras. Equally impressive was the staff's ability to acquaint unfamiliar diners with Ethiopian cuisine, patiently guiding them through the menu and ensuring their satisfaction.

At Ras, the boundary between health and indulgence blurs effortlessly. Through expert ingredient selection and a commitment to true flavors, each dish not only entices but also nourishes the body, whether you choose to embrace wholesome options or indulge in delectable treats. This culinary haven resonates with authenticity, where mindful nourishment intertwines with irresistible taste, leaving a lasting impression on every visitor.

Chef Romeo Regalli and Milka's devotion to culinary excellence and community nourishment shine brightly at Ras, where passion, knowledge, and innovation harmoniously unite to create an extraordinary dining experience.

Did we mention that Chef Romeo was a semi-finalist for the prestigious James Beard award? Well, his culinary prowess was evident in every bite we took.

Our exploration commenced with the much-revered French toast, a delectable creation that, regrettably, lacked the accompanying ice cream on this occasion. Nonetheless, the plate before us boasted a captivating ensemble of perfectly paired berries, walnuts, powdered sugar, and maple syrup and it was all glorious. As seasoned Future Fooders, we have encountered countless lackluster renditions of French toast. Picture, if you will, ordinary slices of bread, lackadaisically adorned with generic jelly, a sight that has often shattered our culinary spirits upon ordering French toast. Hence, when we ardently proclaim that Ras' rendition has triumphed over the jaded skepticism that plagues our taste buds, it is a declaration not to be taken lightly. Astonishingly, the French toast transcended the need for the customary maple syrup, which acts as a quintessential foundation for its pancakes and waffles counterparts. Instead, it mesmerized us with its meticulously crafted brioche bread, boasting a perfectly crisped exterior and an ethereal, donut-like interior. This French toast alone serves as an irrefutable incentive to embark upon a pilgrimage to Ras. For those venturing to Brooklyn, an omission of this culinary masterpiece would surely prompt introspection regarding one's life choices.

Afterwards we tried the Kitfo Burrito, a captivating creation brimming with pea protein crumble, black beans, turmeric-infused brown rice, creamy avocado, and crisp lettuce. From the very first bite, it ensnared our palates in an irresistible grip, defying our customary practice of savoring each dish before revealing our preferences. The sheer magnetism of the Kitfo Burrito compelled us to consume it in its entirety, forsaking all restraint. Noteworthy, too, is Ras' ability to elevate a simple flour tortilla to a realm of culinary excellence, coaxing forth delightful nuances that tantalized our discerning taste buds. The pea protein crumble, beans and avocado, showcased in their unadulterated textures and natural splendor, bore witness to the culinary finesse that pervades every aspect of Ras.

We next encountered the lentil burger, a creation born of house-made black lentils and flaxseed, seasoned with a melange of herbs and adorned with the subtle tang of pickles. It is with a tinge of skepticism that we approach such offerings, having often lamented the prevalence of lackluster veggie burger substitutes that overpower the essence of the sandwich itself. Yet, our doubts were swiftly dispelled as we succumbed to the gastronomic seduction of the lentil burger. Here, the burger patty assumed a supporting role, providing a robust foundation for the symphony of flavors that unfolded. It exuded a satisfying depth of taste, while the soft, mouthwatering bread and the herbal and spiced sauce achieved a harmonious union, elevating the entire experience.

Our exploration of Ras subsequently unfolded with the beloved mac n cheese, the intriguing habesha potato hash, and a variety of traditional delights, including the zestier version of mercato. Let us not forget the sambusa, delicately encased in a flakey pastry shell akin to an egg roll, filled with a delightful assortment of mixed vegetables, squash, and lentils.

As our culinary journey reached its pinnacle, we embarked on a sensory experience with Ras' Injera bread and their distinguished rice, accompanied by a triumvirate of exceptional entrees. Mama's Tofu, a succulent blend of cubed tofu infused with jalapeno, tomato, a delightful house spice blend, and onions, emerged as an exemplary creation. The Ras Special Tibs followed suit, showcasing sauteed seitan adorned with tomato, jalapeno, a vibrant berbere sauce, and a harmonious fusion of onions. Finally, the Ras Kitfo beckoned with its captivating combination of pea protein crumble, infused with a subtle dance of spice-infused olive oil and the vibrant nuances of mitmita.

Amidst this culinary ensemble, two stars illuminated the firmament—Ras Special Tibs and Ras Kitfo. Their flavors captivated our palates, leaving an indelible impression. Notably, the Injera and rice transcended their supporting roles, elevating the dining experience with their seamless accompaniment to the entrees.

We implore you all to savor the culinary marvels of Ras, it will not disappoint.


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