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Soda Club: An Epitome of Pasta Perfection

A Culinary Sanctuary of Impeccable Pastas and Unforgettable Delights

Soda Club extends an irresistible invitation to all, welcoming diners to a world where pasta reigns supreme and culinary wonders await at every corner. Known for its meticulously perfected pasta creations and an impeccable selection of wines, this establishment effortlessly captivates the refined palates of its discerning patrons, etching an unforgettable culinary experience in their minds. Although we focus on food rather than drinks, we were delighted to explore their extensive array of non-alcoholic wines, which received high praise from us and fellow patrons. With great anticipation, we embarked on a memorable dining experience, opting for the popular six-course tasting menu that captures the essence of Soda Club.

True to our culinary passion and eclecticness, we began our culinary journey with the grand finale—the desserts. The cannoli, adorned with dulce de leche, proved to be an unexpected delight, winning over even the most discerning cannoli connoisseurs. We next tried the date cake, accompanied by a delightful scoop of vanilla ice cream, which provided an equally enchanting start.

With our appetites awakened, we transitioned to the savory realm, savoring the heavenly focaccia and the captivating carta di musica. The bread, like their pasta, boasted a delightful texture that seemed to melt in our mouths. Meanwhile, the carta di musica offered a combination of electric flavors, surprising our senses with hidden nuances. Such is the hallmark of Soda Club—each creation is extraordinary, surpassing expectations and delivering a captivating experience that belies its modest price.

We continued with the introduction of a vibrant salad, featuring watercress, arugula, and radicchio. The seemingly simple dishes were transformed into culinary masterpieces, bursting with layers of vibrant flavors that danced harmoniously on the palate.

The pinnacle of our journey arrived with the unveiling of the pasta creations. The manicotti, complemented by lion's mane mushrooms and white asparagus, delighted our senses with its velvety rosé sauce caressing the delicate pasta folds. The bucatini, adorned with a fiery arrabiata sauce and sprinkled with fragrant focaccia crumbs, delivered a delightful fusion of spices. The cappelletti, enveloped in morel mushrooms and drizzled with truffle olive oil, revealed layers of earthy decadence. The gigli, featuring a truffle cream sauce and crowned with crispy leeks, offered a truly indulgent experience. The ravioli, a harmonious blend of ricotta, chanterelles, and confit tomato, was simply astonishing. Finally, the tagliatelle, accompanied by zesty notes of Meyer lemon, nori butter, and embellished with capers and celery root, achieved a sublime balance of flavors.

Allow us to depart from our usual restraint in giving the highest praise, for Soda Club has undoubtedly earned our highest accolades—a flawless 10/10 rating. Its artisanal cheese represents the pinnacle of dairy craftsmanship, the pasta consistently melts with divine tenderness, and the sauces, carefully curated, embody perfection in every dish. Few establishments can rival the impeccable experience offered by Soda Club, an entity that has mastered the art of culinary expression.

It's not a matter of if, but when you experience Soda Club prepare to be enthralled by the exquisite flavors that unfold, allow the pasta to weave its enchanting spell upon your senses, and surrender to the captivating indulgence meticulously orchestrated within its hallowed walls.


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