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Tacotarianism Unveiled: A Delectable Initiation - The Brunch Menu (Part 2 of 2)

Tacotarian's Brunch

Whether you're a seasoned brunch aficionado or simply seeking a delicious weekend meal, Tacotarian’s brunch menu will elevate your weekend beyond belief. 

Our brunch meal commenced with Tacotarian's iconic Chicken and Waffles: a panko-breaded Gardein chicken breast, boasting a delightful crispy exterior while maintaining succulent tenderness. Sandwiched between flawlessly fluffy waffles and adorned with caramelized banana, it delivers an explosion of delightful flavors.

We then indulged in the Chilaquiles, a blend of tradition and innovation in a single dish. A lively green salsa sautées refried beans and tortilla chips, laying the foundation. Sausage and Just Egg scramble add depth and richness, while the salsa's zest awakens the palate. Every bite is an interplay of flavors—crisp tortilla chips contrasting creamy refried beans, the savory sausage and Just Egg scramble providing a satisfying counterbalance to the tangy salsa.

Tacotarian's Pancakes stand as a brunch classic, a flavorful and airy delight not to be missed. Each thick, fluffy bite melds beautifully with the bread's inherent sweetness and a sprinkle of powdered sugar. As for their French Toast, it's a culinary masterpiece—a concoction of thick bolillo slices soaked in a rich custard, yielding a tender, custardy center embraced by a crispy exterior.

The Breakfast Potato Taco was an absolute delight—an enticing combination of seasoned potatoes resting on a warm corn tortilla, accompanied by fresh lettuce, pico de gallo, and a dollop of velvety sour cream, delivering a thoroughly satisfying morning taco affair bursting with flavor.

The understated Breakfast Sammy pleasantly surprises with its rich flavors. Comprising JUST Egg, breakfast sausage, sliced cheddar, and chili mayo within a toasted pretzel bun, the first bite exceeds expectations, marking it as one of the most remarkable breakfast sandwiches we've enjoyed.

Tacotarian gets our full endorsement—they've got it all, whether you're eyeing the all-day menu or brunch. Their consistency in quality, spectacular flavors, and top-notch customer service are unmatched. If you're in Vegas or San Diego, make sure to swing by—it's a decision that'll undoubtedly elevate your life.


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