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Thai Nola: Blending Cultures, Serving Excellence

Located in New Orleans East, Thai Nola, owned by the dynamic husband-and-wife team Gerald and Benji Butler, has been a culinary sensation since opening its doors in October of last year. This delightful fusion of Creole New Orleans flair and traditional Thai flavors reflects the couple's shared passion for both cuisines and their captivating journey together.

Gerald and Benji first met during Gerald's travels, a serendipitous encounter that unfolded amidst the vibrant culinary landscape of Thailand. Both bringing diverse backgrounds to the table, the Butlers seamlessly blend Creole New Orleans influences with Thai traditions, and have created a unique and unforgettable dining experience at Thai Nola.

The commitment to excellence and authenticity is evident in every aspect of Thai Nola's offerings. The use of gluten-free noodles and their ability to make dishes veganized ensures that all customers, regardless of dietary preferences, can savor the diverse flavors crafted by this talented couple. With a dedication to making each dish fresh to order, the Butlers aim to provide a truly authentic and personalized culinary journey for every visitor. We witnessed this personalization first hand; every customer was greeted and asked multiple questions to figure out exactly how they wanted their dish prepared to make for a perfect experience–the personalization includes dietary restrictions but even details like how crunchy or soft do they want their vegetables to be in the dish.

Thai Nola distinguishes itself through a profound commitment to community and tradition. Monthly, the restaurant generously serves monks and a pastor, a gesture reflecting the couple's deep-rooted connection to the local community. The narrative of the ingredients is equally compelling—crafted entirely from scratch, a substantial portion is thoughtfully sourced from the couple’s personal garden. 


Our exploration of Thai Nola's menu included staples like Pad Thai and Pad Woon Sen, both artfully prepared. The Pad Thai, featuring fried tofu, thin rice noodles, bean sprouts, and green onions in a sweet and sour tamarind sauce, showcased the Butlers' commitment to traditional Thai flavors while catering to modern dietary needs.

The Thai Nola Crispy Spring Rolls, deep-fried to perfection, offered a delightful start to our meal. The sautéed noodles and fresh ingredients enclosed within the casing added a nice twist to this classic Thai appetizer. The spring rolls are made in house and made to order to ensure freshness.

The Green Curry at Thai Nola, a specialty of the house, captivated us with its delicate and vibrant flavors, exuding a remarkable sense of lightness and freshness. Gerald and Benji's expertise in both culinary worlds was evident in the rich and aromatic green curry, served with eggplants, green beans, bell peppers, and basil leaves.

In the spotlight was the Basil Fried Rice at Thai Nola, featuring fried tofu with bell pepper, onion, carrot, green beans, and basil in a Thai basil sauce, which highlighted the Butlers' skill in crafting a dish that was both flavorful and satisfying. The rice, impeccably prepared, offered a delightful combination of savory elements in every mouthful.

Wrapping up our culinary adventure, we relished the Mango with Sticky Rice—a classic Thai dessert that flawlessly combined the sweetness of ripe mango with the soft, chewy texture of sticky rice. Alongside, we sampled the Thai iced tea, a delightful and refreshing choice that complemented our dining experience with its pleasant notes.

Thai Nola's success since its opening has been nothing short of extraordinary, with business soaring off the charts. Gerald and Benji Butler have transformed their restaurant into a culinary destination in New Orleans East, drawing in customers with its authentic flavors, warm atmosphere, and innovative approach to Thai cuisine.

It cannot be highlighted enough that this is a one of a kind Thai restaurant. It is the only Thai restaurant we have been to where you leave being treated to such a flavorful experience, but also leave feeling wholesome and healthy. The restaurant is farm to table, so the freshness and healthy aspect is to be expected to some extent, but Thai Nola goes above and beyond a regular farm to table restaurant because they fill their plates with vegetables and they use very little oil and fat to weigh their customers down.

Thai Nola is not just a restaurant; it's a celebration of the union between Creole New Orleans and Thai culinary traditions. Crafted with passion and expertise by the talented couple, Gerald and Benji Butler, it echoes the lively spirit of celebration found in the heart of New Orleans.

We highly recommend you try this restaurant. Although the portions are huge, giving you a great bang for your buck, we suggest you order as many different items as possible and take some home with you or the rest of the family because the food is that good.


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