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The Original Slap Burger: A Culinary Journey from Tennessee to New Orleans

The birth of The Original Slap Burger is a tale spun from the threads of fate, where inspiration and talent intertwine like flavors in a culinary masterpiece. The brainchild behind this burger sensation, Chad Barlow, began his journey by experimenting with burger recipes in his Tennessee kitchen. These creations, initially shared with a close circle of friends and family, stirred a desire to pack his culinary dreams and head for the shores of Key West. But fate had other plans. In an unexpected twist, a spontaneous pit stop in the vibrant heart of New Orleans altered Chad's course and marked the beginning of something extraordinary. Enthralled by his delicious burgers, friends in the Crescent City became fervent advocates, convinced that Chad's culinary talents deserved a much larger stage. And so, The Original Slap Burger was born. Currently located within the confines of Marie's Bar and Kitchen, The Original Slap Burger is steadily gaining prominence, creating a stir in the culinary scene of New Orleans.

The Original Slap Burger offers a straightforward menu that revels in the beauty of simplicity, placing the spotlight squarely on the art of crafting exceptional burgers. In our recent visit, we seized the opportunity to savor each of Chad's vegan burger offerings, immersing ourselves in the delicious and thrilling array of flavors in his plant-based creations.

The flagship burger, fittingly named the "OG," showcases the essence of burger craftsmanship, starring a vegan beef patty known for its remarkable texture and flavor. The patty, meticulously crumbled and expertly grilled, is paired with the enigmatic "Slap Sauce" which adds a touch of intrigue, in harmony with the crispness of pickles, the creamy indulgence of American cheese, and the subtle sweetness of grilled caramelized onions. All of this is lovingly embraced within the comforting hug of a toasted brioche bun. The "OG" is a masterclass in burger artistry that reveres the enduring charm of a classic burger.

For the heat seekers among us, "The Heater" is the undeniable star. It takes the OG's foundation and propels it into fiery realms, thanks to a spicy heat sauce and the fiery bite of jalapeños. The fusion of spiciness and savory elements creates a burger experience that soars to an exhilarating crescendo, making it an absolute must-try for aficionados craving a bold and electrifying flavor profile.

Completing this trifecta of burger excellence is "The Large Mack," an inventive take on the iconic Big Mac. It features the signature "Mack Sauce," delivering a distinct flavor profile that distinguishes it from its OG and Heater counterparts. This remarkable sauce, reminiscent of the legendary Big Mac sauce, is a perfect blend of creamy, zesty, acidic, savory, and slightly sweet elements that complement the rest of the burger incredibly well. "The Large Mack" has been artfully designed to cater to those with a penchant for the sweeter and softer nuances of flavor. It's undoubtedly worth savoring.

Such is The Original Slap Burger’s meteoric rise that opportunities for expansion are knocking at their door. With an imminent expansion into a second location in the French Quarter, the journey of The Original Slap Burger promises to captivate an even wider audience, ensuring that the flavors Chad Barlow has so artfully crafted continue to be savored by burger enthusiasts near and far.


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