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The Plot Express - It Was So Good We Went Twice

The menu at The Plot Express is carefully curated to cater to the needs of customers on the go, offering a distinct array of dishes that are both delicious and convenient. Unlike most fast casual restaurants, The Plot Express does not prioritize speed over quality. Their commitment to fresh, healthful high-quality ingredients and their dedication to flavor remain unwavering, ensuring that even in a fast-paced setting, their culinary artistry shines through.

The Gyro, reinvented with The Plot's ingenuity, is a must-try that alone merits a visit to The Plot Express. The thinly sliced perfectly textured lentil gyro melds wonderfully with the garden greens, quinoa tabbouleh salad, and a delectable tzatziki sauce, all enveloped in a warm pita bread so soft it practically melts in your mouth.

The Superior Crunchwrap left us speechless—it's a must-try for any visitor.  Featuring wild rice and lentil chorizo, it's a plant-based delight bursting with rich flavors. Topped with nacho cheese on a crispy tostada shell, this dish reaches incredible levels of deliciousness, complemented by velvety sour cream that takes it to another level.

For a lighter yet equally fulfilling choice, we’d recommend the Harissa Chickën Shawarma Bowl. Tender harissa-marinated chickën, perfectly portioned and skillfully prepared, accompanies a medley of mixed garden greens, tzatziki hummus, pickled vegetables, and a side of pita bread. Every component brings distinct textures and flavors to the table, crafting a satisfying dish that leaves you feeling nourished and wholly content.

The Plot is committed to plant-based excellence and it extends far beyond the kitchen, as it combines a strong sustainability ethos with ethical and local sourcing into their culinary philosophy. Each ingredient, from the freshest seasonal produce to their artisanal in-house plant-based meat, is carefully and thoughtfully chosen. No matter the occasion—be it a leisurely brunch, a delightful lunch, or an unforgettable dinner—The Plot and The Plot Express ensure an exceptional experience. From their innovative menus to the vibrant, flavorful dishes, The Plot and The Plot Express will transform your perception of plant-based dining.


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