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Planta: Where Dreams Come True

Indulge in Vegan Culinary Magic, Impeccable Vibes & Unforgettable Plant-Based Creations and Divine Desserts

Planta is a verdant paradise that has taken the restaurant world by storm since its inception in 2016. With 12 locations across the US, including two in the Big Apple, Planta has wowed the palates of vegans and meat-lovers alike. Our recent visit to the Williamsburg branch of this gastronomic sanctuary left us awestruck by its offerings. The moment we entered, we were struck by the sheer amount of natural light that flooded the space, which along with the captivating decor created the ambiance of a cozy, earthy, and modern minimalist vibe that was beyond compare. The customer service was nothing short of impeccable, a testament to Planta's commitment to delivering plant-based hospitality at its finest. The clientele added to the vibrant atmosphere, with everyone thoroughly enjoying themselves while maintaining an appropriate noise level, allowing for uninterrupted conversations. Planta is an ideal setting for a romantic date, a professional business meeting, or a group of friends seeking a delightful experience.

What sets Planta apart is its unflinching dedication to crafting flavors that are miles away from the ordinary mock meats and tofu or seitan-based dishes. Each dish is a work of art, with intricate textures and flavors that are multi-dimensional, creating a remarkable depth. This isn't a restaurant that merely mimics meat-based cuisine, but rather it redefines plant-forward cuisine in an entirely novel way. One aspect we particularly admire about this restaurant is its authenticity in embracing their plant-based ethos. If the notion of a vegan menu offends you, you may miss out on exceptional food, but Planta is confident enough in their culinary creations that they do not shy away from their vegan identity.

During our visit, we had the pleasure of savoring a plethora of dishes, each more tantalizing than the last. The Avocado Lime Tartare stole the show. With its beetroot tuna, pine nuts, and capers, the dish had a bold, fresh taste, and the citrus soy, sesame, and cilantro added a zesty kick. Served with crispy taro chips, it was the perfect appetizer to kickstart the meal. Most customers will try a dish like this and just love it, but they won’t realize the time and effort that went into meticulous R&D to make this dish taste exactly like the analogue it is replacing. This is what makes Planta truly exceptional—despite knowing that most customers won't think twice about the effort behind each dish, they still put in the painstaking effort to ensure an unparalleled dining experience. The Unagi Eggplant Nigiri was a standout with its perfectly textured eggplant and miso truffle glaze that added a delightful umami flavor. The torched and pressed sushi roll, filled with creamy avocado and drizzled with miso truffle glaze, was another crowd-pleaser. Another must-try starter was the Whipped Ricotta dish (this might be one of the best ricottas we have ever tried…and its housemade), the dish involved a creamy vegan ricotta cheese spread served with warm bread, truffle mushroom shavings, and agave drizzle. Additionally, the bao slider with its "chick'n" fried mushroom and pickled cucumber paired with hoisin sauce was a definite winner.

Moving on to the mains, the Spicy Chorizo pizza, featuring a cashew mozzarella base and potato chorizo, was a flavor explosion with just the right amount of heat. The perfectly crispy crust held up well under the toppings. It's worth noting that the sauce on this pizza is sweeter than ordinary pizza sauce, a deliberate choice to balance the spiciness. We enjoyed the contrast, but if you prefer a less sweet pizza sauce, other options on the menu might be more suitable. During the lengthy course of our Future Food journey, you all know that we have encountered numerous disappointments with pizzas, mac and cheese, and pancakes, but we can confidently say that Planta's pizzas have surpassed our expectations. Another standout dish was the Spicy Lumaconi Pasta, featuring a tangy tomato rosé sauce, cashew mozzarella, and calabrese chili. The combination of textures and flavors was simply divine.

No visit to Planta is complete without indulging in their decadent desserts. The Cinnamon Bun, served warm with a drizzle of maple syrup, was truly exceptional and pleasantly avoided the overwhelming sweetness common in most cinnamon buns. We cannot stress this enough: if you visit Planta, ordering the cinnamon bun is an absolute must. If you’re conscious of calories, it is well worth spending extra time in the gym to experience this culinary delight. The Banana Waffles, topped with roasted pecans, maple syrup, and chocolate sauce, were heavenly, while the French Toast, coated in a crunchy corn flake granola and topped with a berry compote, offered a delightful twist on a classic dish. It is safe to say that this French toast is the epitome of a life worth living, and missing out on it would be a tremendous loss.

When it comes to beverages, we highly recommend the Melon Rose, a refreshing concoction made with watermelon, rose water, lemon, mint, and agave. The selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages was extensive, and the inviting bar added to the overall experience. Although we do not consume alcohol ourselves, we can confidently say that there is plenty of variety to suit different preferences.

Planta Williamsburg is more than just a vegan restaurant—it is a botanical gastronomic adventure that stimulates all the senses. From the impeccable service to the thoughtfully crafted dishes, it lives up to the hype. Planta has expanded to Marina Del Rey and will soon open in Brentwood on the West Coast, followed by Atlanta in the South. We highly recommend visiting all of the Planta locations, as we plan to do, and if you happen to visit before us, please share your thoughts with us. Our next Planta stop will be the stunning Marina Del Rey location and the location where it all began, in Toronto. We don't say this often, but a visit to Planta is an absolute must!


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