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Vegan in Vegas Part I

The dawn of a new era has arrived: Vegan x Vegas. With the launch of the first vegan upscale restaurant on the strip, to the many niche restaurants offering diverse vegan cuisines, we just COULD NOT get enough of Vegas. Vegas is really starting to look like the next vegan food capital and we are here for it.

Let’s start with Crossroads Kitchen. We have been waiting for the launch of Crossroads — it’s quite literally the vegan mecca. The first fully vegan fine dining on the strip, swanky vibes, exceptional food, Italian & Mediterranean fusion…Sign us up! We ordered ALOT and lets just say Chef Tal Ronnen did the damn thing. It’s really hard to articulate just how delicious the food was, so the pictures below might help convey the message better. Aside from the exceptional level of quality, flavor, texture and taste of the food — the ambiance was perfect, with super friendly staff, the menu had ample amount of options, and the plating was just exquisite.

We all know, at its core, Italian cuisine is about the sauce. And MY GOD — they nailed it. The tomato sauce was top tier and incredibly fresh, it seemed very farm-to-table-ish. Not quite sure if they source their tomatoes locally, but it sure as hell tastes like it. As you can see we ate ALOT. We tried the: (i) impossible cigars (w/ spicy almond milk yogurt), (ii) stuffed zucchini blossom (w/ almond ricotta cheese / marinara), (iii) cheese plate (Camembert-bleu / boursin / quince paste, Mojave dried grapes / toasted baguette), (iv) scallopini parmesan, (v) lasagna, and (vi) pepperoni pizza. For dessert: brownie sundae, and chocolate crunch bar (w/ raspberry sauce). Every bite was mouth-watering, but what stood out the most was the lasagna — the ricotta cheese, marinara sauce blew us over. The dish was packed with flavor (quite literally a flavor bomb) and we could have possibly eaten a whole pan of this stuff. Because of our sheer gluttonous nature, we would have hoped for a more generous serving, but in retrospect I believe this may have been a reasonably-sized serving of lasagna for an ordinary person. The runner up was the pizza, vegan or not it was a 10/10 — you really could not have guessed that the pizza was plant-based. It was delicious, with crispy yet moist crust, classic pepperoni and cheese that were indistinguishable from their animal-based counterparts, and had a nice crunch with the broccoli topping. Crossroads is a MUST TRY.


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