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Vegan in Vegas Part III

Chef Kenny is a legend. The blessings that this man bestowed upon us left us speechless and thats not hyperbole. Most of the meal was eaten in natural silence. It was immersive. An out-of-body experience. Magic. A dream. Many many things are difficult to get as a vegan — and of course, sushi and dim sum are two of them. I was prepared to forgo sushi and dim sum for the rest of my life when I made the decision to go vegan. Yes, I love both land & sea animals THAT much. Aquatic animals, similar to terrestrial animals, are sentient beings with a central nervous system and a rich emotional life (per science, 2500 scientific studies to be precise; the evidence is overwhelming). They also have a deep desire to avoid suffering, just like us humans, and I don’t have any desire to contribute to any part of their suffering in this life. Even after being a seafood lover for decades, I never thought that I’d eat that stuff again and I made peace with that in the name of conscious living. Apart from compelling animal welfare reasons, there are strong environmental (watch Seaspiracy and you’ll be shook) and health reasons (mercury, toxins, microplastics, microfibers) to stay away from seafood, but I digress. That’s a story for another day. Veganizing sushi and dim sum seems like a mad quest to go on, but I’m glad Chef Kenny did it. The dishes were indeed divine madness and my life will never be the same because of it. Experiencing a Chef Kenny restaurant is like seeing a brand new color that one had never seen before. He is truly revolutionizing sushi and dim sum.

Chef Kenny has two restaurants off the strip. We tried the Spring Mountain Road location. Getting the backstory on Chef Kenny was illuminating. A lifelong goodhearted vegan, he has dedicated his life to opening plant-based Asian restaurants featuring traditional meat-centric or seafood-centric dishes. Warmth and light emanates from him. Upon entering the restaurant, you catch the vibe of what essentially it means to live a vegan life — love, harmony, joy. It’s a beautiful energetic field. The staff are friendly and Chef Kenny often visits patrons once they’re seated to personally greet them. He is 100% committed to providing the utmost quality and variety with his dishes. His menus embrace depth. He gives you the luxury of choice.

We tried the following vegan dishes: Baked Bun, Steamed Bun, Dumplings, Siu Mai (Shu Mai), Dragon Roll, Spicy Roll, California Roll, Spicy Tuna, Eel Roll. We had cheesecake for dessert.

The food was phenomenal. Everything was actually highly addictive (so, beware). The taste, texture, and flavor of all the dishes were at level 100. The sauces were impeccable. The sushi and dim sum replication was TOP TOP tier. It even convinced the non-vegan with whom we were dining with and as an avid sushi and dim sum eater and lover in my past life, I would say it exceeded all expectations. The portions were generous and incredibly satiating. Our favorite was the Baked Bun (which will melt in your mouth) and the Dragon Roll. You will walk away with the deepest most fundamental sense of satisfaction. Chef Kenny delivers.


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