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Are You a Fit for Us?

Our review collaboration process embraces a diverse spectrum of partnerships that align with our two distinct categories: 
1. T
ravel - Sustainable and Mindful Experiences​
2. Eat — Elevated Vegan Cuisine

The Full Story

Welcome to Future Food, where the collision of passion and purpose creates a force for change. Drawing from an extensive investment background in the plant-based space and an insatiable love for exploration, we've embarked on a journey that's revealed invaluable insights.

  1. Our boundless wanderlust has brought to the fore the challenges faced not only by vegans but also those embracing plant-forward lifestyles while traveling. The meticulous planning required to ensure alignment with dietary and lifestyle choices highlights the need for accessible information.

  2. Our mission is bold: a global shift towards veganism and a future where food is more nutritious and sustainable at scale. We're here to celebrate every vegan culinary masterpiece served at restaurants, each plant-powered sanctuary within the hospitality realm, and every other encounter that embraces the essence of plant-forward living. By showcasing these experiences to a broader audience, we aim to fuel growth, ensuring these providers thrive and expand their impact.

  3. We understand that countless vegans, flexitarians, and those with plant-forward diets and lifestyles seek exceptional experiences without compromising on quality, service, or comfort. Our purpose is to eliminate uncertainty, crafting a journey for you that encompasses not only enjoyment and fulfillment but also empowers you with well-informed choices. We recognize that these moments can also be pivotal for those considering a vegan and more plant-forward lifestyle. That initial bite of an extraordinary plant-based burger might well be the fulcrum that ushers an individual on a path towards a reduced environmental footprint, one that embraces sustainable and compassionate choices and ignites a transformation that reverberates far beyond the dining table.

This defines us – propelled by a love for our craft and the transformative ripples it sets in motion.

Sustainable and Mindful Experiences

Generally we have visited hotels, spas, retreats, and other experiences that we can write about. 

Elevated Vegan Cuisine

Generally we have visited restaurants, food trucks, etc. to do a food tasting of the vegan foods offered. We have visited places that serve only vegan foods as well as places that serve vegan food and foods for carnivores. 

If you think you are a fit for us to work together, please do reach out to us. You can reach us directly on the Contact Us.

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