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Exploring Authentic Flavors at Chai Thai-Lao in Baton Rouge

Chai Thai-Lao, owned by the visionary duo Lauren Cheramie and Nang Keophommavong, is a standout dining establishment in Baton Rouge. Despite its unassuming exterior and primarily takeout-focused service, the restaurant offers a welcoming atmosphere. For those who choose to dine in, the casual setting ensures a friendly and relaxed experience. Honoring the roots of Thai culinary heritage, the menu provides a fresh take on traditional flavors, combining creativity with authenticity.

Our culinary journey at Chai Thai-Lao began with their unique non-egg "egg" rolls. These exquisite handcrafted delights feature wheat flour wrappers filled with a medley of glass noodles, cabbage, carrots, and green onions. Each bite of the golden-crisped rolls bursts with authentic and bold flavors. While they are accompanied by a side of sweet and sour sauce, they truly shine on their own and require no additional accompaniments.

Next, we eagerly devolved into the celebrated Pad Thai—a true Thai culinary masterpiece, thoughtfully prepared in line with tradition and expectations. In the dish, the stir-fried rice noodles were coated in vibrant Pad Thai sauce which harmonized well with the expertly seasoned vegetables and rich and flavorful tofu. We sampled both the medium and mild heat levels, each delivering a perfectly balanced profile. For diners seated in-house, the unlimited peanuts add a customizable touch that elevates the dish. Chai Thai-Lao also impresses with its generous portion sizes, ensuring you will leave satiated.

Our dessert adventure led us to the sticky Mango Rice. Served warm, this dish exudes irresistible allure. The coconut sauce, rich in sweetness, beautifully complements the fresh mango and perfectly prepared sticky rice. Although the consistency of the coconut sauce was slightly thinner than expected, it did little to diminish the overall excellence of the dish. We look forward to revisiting Chai Thai-Lao to explore the fried banana dessert featured on the menu.

We wholeheartedly recommend Chai Thai-Lao. A return visit is certainly on the horizon for us as we aim to explore the full spectrum of noodle and rice dishes on their menu, with a journey through their curries eagerly anticipated as well. Chai Thai-Lao is a culinary experience not to be missed in Baton Rouge.


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