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Fry Bread House: A Disappointing Encounter with Native American Cuisine

Impelled by the resounding acclaim surrounding Fry Bread House and their remarkable achievement of receiving a prestigious James Beard Foundation award for their culinary endeavors, we decided to pay Fry Bread House a visit. With an advertised emphasis on carnivorous fare but also providing vegetarian options, we ventured into this establishment with the intention of veganizing our selections. Assured of their familiarity with accommodating such requests, we proceeded to order a vegan version of their savory taco, followed by a plain fry bread with a savory twist. Lastly, we sampled their sweet fry bread, sans honey, adorned simply with cinnamon and sugar.

The savory taco proved to be a substantial amalgamation of beans, green chilies, onions, and lettuce encased within the fry bread. In essence, it resembled a generously proportioned burrito. Accompanying this creation were two distinct sauces—a mild and a hot variant. Opting to combine both for an enhanced flavor experience, we found that the addition of the sauces slightly improved the overall taste. However, despite the accolades surrounding Fry Bread House, we cannot, in all honesty, recommend it. The main draw of this establishment seems to be the bread itself, which unfortunately fell short of expectations, lacking any standout qualities or distinguishing features.

Our disappointment continued with the sweet fry bread. Picture consuming an oversized, lackluster pancake infused with scattered traces of cinnamon sugar. Essentially, the sweet fry bread bears an uncanny resemblance to its savory counterpart, save for the inclusion of cinnamon sugar as an accompaniment. One would assume that the batter for the sweet version would be subtly sweetened or possess distinct characteristics, but alas, such expectations were left unfulfilled. Moreover, the notion of consuming substantial quantities of uninspiring bread as a standalone meal is hardly an appealing prospect.

It’s worth noting that Arizona boasts numerous superior options for those seeking vegan cuisine. Given the multitude of remarkable establishments available, it would be unwise to squander one's time at Fry Bread House.


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