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Sustainable & Conscious Eats at Carmo

Carmo is truly a culinary adventure in the heart of New Orleans

Carmo is a remarkable culinary destination that offers a delightful and conscious dining experience unlike any other in New Orleans.

With 13 years of unbridled excellence, Carmo has risen to the pinnacle of one of the most competitive restaurant scenes in the nation.

Drawing inspiration from the diverse cuisines of the Caribbean, Central and South America, West Africa, Southeast Asia, and Gulf South, Carmo’s menu follows a “from origins to table” approach.

Founding chefs Dana Honn and Christina do Carmo Honn have succeeded in forging an extraordinary bond between people and their food, celebrating and recognizing history in a distinctive way.

The creators of Carmo hold ingredients in the highest esteem, and the menu is meticulously curated to be nutritionally balanced, ethically sourced, and culturally relevant. Carmo’s exclusive and scrumptious ingredients are handpicked seasonally, and some are even cultivated in-house!

Dana Honn, in particular, regards ingredients with utmost respect and insists on showcasing them in their optimal form, crafting each dish as a unique culinary odyssey.

The restaurant’s captivating art collection is also an integral component of the dining experience, linking patrons to the food in an organic manner, devoid of abstraction.

Every table is surrounded by magnificent artwork that elevates the immersive dining experience.

Among the many vegan standouts on the menu are the cupuaçu and cacao drinks, they are as refreshing as they are nutrient-dense.

The Tiradito Avocado, a delectable appetizer, is an explosion of flavor that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you yearning for more.

The Rico is a jaw-dropping, open-faced delicacy, a layered marvel of fried and grilled tostones, melted plant-based cheese, zesty plant-based meat, avocado, salsa fresca, and tangy sweet Rico sauce. Served with organic greens drizzled with mango vinaigrette, the Rico is deserving of all the accolades.

The sweet potato fritters are a rare gem, a second-generation Peruvian dish with Japanese elements, made from organic quinoa, sweet potatoes, aji amarillo, and scallions. The Nikkei aioli sauce is a perfect accompaniment, adding a hint of creamy sesame notes that elevates the fritter to a new level.

Lastly, the gluten-free chocolate almond torte, with its rich almond base and high-quality chocolate, is a must-try dessert.

What sets Carmo apart is its unwavering commitment to the food system.

The restaurant aims to raise awareness of sustainability and address the issues inherent to the broken food system, urging people to care about what they eat. Community is at the heart of Carmo, and it is reflected in the restaurant’s “welcome table,” which encourages dialogue about food and provides opportunities for people to come together.

The collaborative process with customers and community building is genuinely exceptional. Their new project, Origins Amazonia, is a dinner series that supports indigenous Amazonian communities, providing a unique way to engage with people from the Amazon, bridging understanding to a place that is vital for our planet’s survival.

The upcoming Origins Amazonia gathering in October 2023 promises to be an exceptional opportunity to connect with people from the Amazon.

We raise a cupuaçu and cacao toast to Carmo!


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