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The Search for Ontario’s Best Slices: Earth to Table Bread Bar

The Ontario pizza trail continues as we explore the region’s eclectic pizza scene.

When in Ontario, any food enthusiast must make a pilgrimage to Earth to Table: Bread Bar. Curious to uncover the secrets of the best pizza in Canada, I ventured forth and, spoiler alert, my hasty ordering left me with a sense of regret.

So let me give you a little tip — make sure you order the right one.

Unfortunately, I missed the mark on the first go-round at Earth to Table Bread Bar. I went with the vegan option, the “MEAN BEAN,” and then proceeded to customize it like a mad scientist in a lab.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it had some great components — red onion, crispy sage, chili flake, and a maple tahini sauce — but the white bean puree was just meh. Not terrible, mind you, but not exactly a flavor explosion either. It left me feeling a little lost, like I was caught between hesitant satisfaction and terror.

To make matters worse, our toppings didn’t quite cover the pie like I wanted. I mean, when I eat pizza, I want my toppings to be cascading off the slice like a waterfall of flavor. I want it to be so top-heavy that I have to cradle the slice like a newborn baby just to keep it together. This pizza, on the other hand, was more like a light dusting of toppings. I needed more, I craved more.

But here’s where things get interesting — the crust. Oh my, the crust. It was like a choir of angels singing a sweet melody in my mouth. Soft, full of gluten, and thick. Like really thick. With each bite, I was getting an entire meal of bread. And, to top it off, they actually seasoned the crust, giving it a delicious flavor that complemented the toppings (or lack thereof) quite nicely.

Now, I don’t want to discourage you from trying the “MEAN BEAN,” but if you’re like me and want to go for the gusto, go for the marinara sauce pizza.

That’s where the real magic happens according to my dining companions. I found myself quite envious of their selection when it was all said and done because it was certainly the superior choice. And if you’re still feeling skeptical, just ask for a plate of their bread. Trust me, it’s worth it.


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